Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18 December 2017 Written Update , Written Episode on Telly Updates:

The Episode starts with Shanti teacher asking students to plant the trees and says it is very important for nature. Naina looks for Sameer and asks Swati about Munna. Swati says you are searching Sameer. Rakesh scolds the students. Shanti teacher tells the students that as you sow, so you reap. Naina thinks just as this tree blossoms, we will also blossom. She plans to say I love you to Sameer infront of the plant and thinks then the plant will be in our love memory. Sameer comes there. Swati says he didn’t come wearing the sweater woven by you. Sameer decides to tell everything to Naina. Naina comes to him and asks why didn’t you wear the sweater. Sameer gets up and goes. He thinks Naina felt bad, and thinks how can I wear the sweater until I tell her truth. Sad song plays…Nainacomes to him and says you haven’t wear sweater. Sameer goes from there. Naina thinks why is he behaving this way. Rakesh scolds the boys (seniors) and tells that they are returning to Ahmedabad today itself. Munna and pandit hear them. The seniors plan to tell about the bet today itself. Rakesh doesn’t listen to them.

Sameer thinks he is a wrong guy. Naina comes to him and asks if she did any mistake and says sorry on Rakesh’s behalf. She says you have to take my pics naa. Camera falls down from his hand. Naina asks why you are taking your anger on me and says I want to tell you something. Sameer asks her to stay far from him and folds his hands. He says I don’t want to listen to you or I don’t want anything from you, gives the sweater in her hand. Naina cries. Swati comes there and wipes her tears. Naina hugs her and cries. Swati tells her that he thinks of her as time pass girl and says your love is not for marriage and asks her not to waste her love and feelings for him. Naina says my heart says that Sameer loves me and says it seems like he is helpless.

Arjun and Shefali run during practice. Shefali says she is tired. Arjun thanks her for coming. Shefali says she came for practice as cricket is her life. He asks who is her favorite cricketer. She says you and asks if he ever had cigarette. He says no. She takes out cigarette from someone’s bag and says they shall try. They smoke and cough. He says it is really bad and tells Shefali not to smoke. Shefali asks him to throw it away as well and says it is injurious to health. Sameer thinks about Naina and gets sad. Munna and Pandit come to Sameer and tells him that seniors want to tell about the bet to Rakesh. Sameer says he will go there. He goes there without Munna and Pandit and says so you want to tell about the bet. He says if you tell about the bet to Rakesh then it is over. They ask if he fell in love with her, and asks if he killed behenji naina. Sameer gets angry and beats the seniors.

Mr. Sumani and Vishaka come there and have meeting with someone. They talk about culture and handling family. Sameer beats the guys. They also beat Sameer. Mr. Sumani see them fighting and says there are such kids also. Man says I think about the useless parents who give birth to them and then dump them. Sameer comes there while fighting. Mr. Sumani and Vishaka are shocked. Man says such kids ruin family’s name and says he seems to belong nice family, but his parents gave bad values to him. Sameer says you people are here? Man asks do you know him. Vishaka is about to say, but Mr. Sumani stops her and says we don’t know him. Sameer heart breaks and says I am sorry, I thought I know you. Mr. Sumani takes Vishaka from there. Vishaka turns and looks at Sameer while going. Sameer gets tears in his eyes.

Sameer runs towards the mountain and cries aloud. Naina backs off…Jeelenge hum plays…

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