Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14 December 2017 Written Update , Written Episode on Telly Updates:

The Episode starts with Naina asking Sameer from where is he coming? Sameer says he went for walk, but when he came, it seems Munna and Pandit slept after having food. Naina says we shall get extra keys from teacher. Sameer sneezes and says no, and tells her that she will think wrong. Naina promises that she will not think wrong. Sameer tells her that Naina and Pandit drank wine and slept. Naina asks from where they got? Sameer says I brought it to use as medicine, but didn’t drink. Naina says it is not a small matter. Sameer sneezes. Naina says I will tell everyone right now. Sameer says that’s why I wasn’t telling you and says you don’t know how to be friends. Naina says she knows. Sameer says I will sit here and asks her to go. Naina scolds him for not wearing sweater and asks him to go to Swati teacher and get some medicine. She says you can get keys too. Sameer says if I ask for keys then my friends will be caught and I can’t let this happen. Naina asks him to stay in some other friends’ room. Sameer says no. Naina’s voiceover tells that she has to do which was as big as committing murder, but she had trust on Sameer and her love. She gives him shawl and asks him to come to her room. Sameer says he can’t come.

Naina says if I wake up Shanti teacher then she will know about Munna and Pandit. Sameer says you care for me. Naina says yes. They have an eye lock. Naina takes him to room. Sameer says if anyone sees us then they will thought wrong about you. Naina says she is more concerned for his health rather than her reputation. Sameer hesitates. He sneezes. Naina takes him inside and asks him to remove his shoes. He sits on her bed. Naina takes medicines and gives to him with water. Sameer looks at the burnt mark on her palm and asks about it. Naina says someone said that until my hand is burnt, I won’t feel the pain. Sameer gets touched. Mohabbat song plays…..Naina asks him to have medicine and sleep there. Sameer says I don’t take medicine. Naina forcefully makes him have medicine and then makes him sleep, covers blanket on him. Sameer says I don’t have the habit of someone who worries for me. Naina says I am habitual to care others and asks him get habituated.

Naina rests on Swati’s bed. Swati asks if she is not getting Sameer’s dreams. Sameer and Naina looks at each other. Yehi sach hai maine pyar kiya… plays…He thinks about naina’s words.

Taya ji reads the newspaper and says postman eloped with the girl. He says don’t know what happened to today’s girls. Bela says Megha have returned home as that guy haven’t come. Tayi ji says her parents respect is ruined. Taya ji asks them to send their daughter far. Other neighbor asks Ramila to kick her out. Tayi ji says all neighborhood will be spoiled. Ramila says where to send Meghna. Taya ji says we will not have any relation with you people. Anand asks what is their mistake. Taya ji asks him not to argue, and control his daughters. He tells that the society will not speak to them. Megha hears them and cries. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, the lovers had to bear so much and their families have to face the consequences, and says one bullet was coming near me? Naina wakes up and sees empty bed. She thinks Sameer is gone. Rakesh knocks on the door. Naina opens the door while humming the song. Rakesh sees Sameer in the room as he comes out from washroom. Naina gets shocked. Rakesh gets angry.

Sameer tells Rakesh about his bet to take revenge on Naina. Naina hears him and gets shattered.

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