Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update:

The Episode starts with Naira coming to Kartik. She sees him and says moon has come out, I m going to do puja, come if you feel right, don’t think I will force you to come, do what you find right, a moment of anger ruins many moments of happiness, you may regret later. She goes. Suwarna and Surekha do the Teej puja and see their husband’s face. Kirti also does the puja and sees Naksh’s photo in her phone. Pyaar miljaye…..plays…. The men break their wives’ fast. Kirti thinks you are very nice Naksh and prays for their relation. Suwarna thinks forgive me Manish, I know where is your happiness, when you understand, you won’t be annoyed. Dadi prays for Naira and Kartik.

Naira waits for Kartik. Everyone signs her. Naira lights diya and does puja with Kartik’s

photo in her phone. All the women do the puja seeing their husband’s face or photo. Naira prays there is no distance and misunderstandings in her relation. She sees the moon and gets surprised seeing Kartik. Everyone smiles seeing Kartik. Naira does his aarti and tilak. Pyaar mil jaye…..plays… Naira gives water to Kartik and tells him how much mischief she used to do in childhood, mum and dad used to know this, when someone is close to heart, nothing is needed to tell them. Everyone smiles. Kartik drinks water and feeds her. They feed sweets to each other. He holds her. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Kirti sees the gift and smiles seeing the lovely earrings.
Naksh calls her. He asks did puja get over, did you eat anything. She says puja is over, I didn’t eat food yet, you… He says I m having food since morning, did you see gift. She says thanks, I love , I loved it… its beautiful… He says thank God, I thought you will like it or not, I have to give good news, Kartik and Naira did puja together. She says their fight got over, thanks this gift is better. She goes to everyone and says Kartik Naira did puja together. Dadi thanks Lord. Suwarna thinks Naira will convince Kartik if he stays there. Naksh says we will have food together.

Naira sees Kartik. Naitik asks him to sit. Kartik says no, I will leave, I will have food at home, I will take the car and drive myself. Naira stops him and asks him to take kachoris for kids. She says there is something else also, keys of a secret, when I learnt mumma’s accident truth, you told me, anger, annoyance and fight, you have right to do this but there is a responsibility to hear family, today you are in my place and I m in your place, just see the things inside that locker and try to understand it, take care, I love you. She goes. He sees the keys in the box and leaves. Naira comes to bank and sees locker room timings. Kartik plays game with kids and recalls Naira’s words. He comes to the bank and sees her. He says I have thrown this keys and then picked it, because this locker has mum’s belongings, my truth will be same, you can’t prove my belief wrong. She says this is not any challenge, when did I say you are wrong. He says you will know who is right and who is wrong. She says we have to access locker. The man says locker timings are over. Kartik says tell your manager I m Kartik Goenka, its urgent.

He asks are you surprised that I used Goenkas name, poison is needed to end poison affect. Kirti tells Suwarna that Kartik has gone to Naira. Suwarna thinks he went to bank and smiles. Kirti says they can’t stay away for long, everything will get fine. Suwarna says I also want this. Naira and Kartik see the locker. Kartik opens it. He sees Soumya’s jewelry and a greeting. He smiles. Naira gives him an envelop. He looks at her.

Kartik and Naira come home. Kartik tells Suwarna that she did right to give keys to Naira, else I would have not got truth out, I couldn’t prove myself right and others wrong, thanks for helping me. Suwarna smiles.
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