Shani 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani 12 December 2017 Written Update , Written Episode on Telly Updates:

Preeto forbid Suomya speak another work while she was teary eyed. Suomya makes her eat the food.
Harak Singh finds Harman sit outside upset, without having eaten anything. Mohini gets into the car with him and says they need to think about something else. Harak Singh decides to first go for a drink he will enjoy. She notices him upset for Harman and decides not to let them unite.
Suomya comes to Harman, he was annoyed at her for neglecting him and sit with Preeto. Suomya sits to feed him with her own hands.
Harak Singh and Mohini discuss about Preeto. Mohini says how she could eat with hands of a kinnar. Harak Singh was enraged at Preeto.
Surbhi was happy to hear from Rani. She tells Nani that everything is getting better between Suomya and Preeto. Nani was sure every relation would improve in the family where mother-daughter in law share a good relation. Surbhi wish her mother had experienced the same.
Harak Singh tells Varun to go and spread in the area that Harak Singh’s son and wife have left to kinnar’s area to live. Varun says this will bring them huge defame; the villagers will then curse Preeto as well. Mohini says this is what they want. Harak Singh says the need to bring Preeto back home, and this is the only way.
Preeto sits with the sleeping Suomya and says she doesn’t care anymore she is a kinnar or not, anyone would wish to get a daughter in law like her. She places her hand on Suomya’s head in apology. As she turns to leave, Suomya holds her hand calling Maa.
The next morning, kinnars turn to get some money as a son was borne in a nearby house. Suomya says she would also go, as she has to buy clothes for Preeto. While they turn to leave, Varun stood outside and calls Harak Singh if he must begin. Varun sends a man behind the kinnars.
Harman opens the door as a few men from village knocked at it. Everyone was shocked to see them. The villagers ask if he recognized them. Harman asks if they came for lecturing. The men say it feels strange Harman beats drums for kinnars now, then questions why he has brought Preeto here. They come to meet Preeto and ask what they want. They ask why they have increased terms with kinnars. Harman interrupts and asks if they know the real matter? Preeto says she will tell them the real truth. She is living here because her daughter in law… Harak Singh calls from behind which daughter in law? He tries to convince Preeto that her son and daughter in law are with her. A little argument isn’t worth leaving the house. Harman tells Harak Singh to take his wife. Harak Singh asks Preeto to see a few photos in his mobile of the past memories… and points towards a few recent photos of his goons follow Suomya. He now hugs Preeto and whispers he learnt this from her. He would end the story of this kinnar easily right now, if she doesn’t come with him right now he will signal his goons to finish Suomya.
Suomya was alert of the goons following them.
Everyone including Harman insist on Preeto to go with Harak Singh.

PRECAP: Harak Singh holds Preeto’s hand to leave with him. She was about to get in when Suomya comes running and says Preeto won’t go anywhere.

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