Nimki Mukhiya 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update:

Scene 1
Abhi asks Nimki to leave, Nimki says what do you think of yourself? Ram takes her away and asks her to sit in car. They come on road. Nimki says I wont talk to you, I was saying sorry and he is showing attitude to me? Babbu’s car arrives there. Dayya asks her to move away, she says dont angry me, she is shocked to see Babbu there. Ram says come with me. Nimki says let me ask Babbu. She comes to him and says tell me if someone says sorry then you should forgive right? your did mistake and you said sorry on his behalf, you are such a nice person. Paper falls on Babbu, Nimki tries to take it off but moves away from her as she is from lower class. Nimki takes paper and sees its Babbu’s poster. Nimki scolds kids for making Babbu’s posters as airplanes. Nimki says they

are kids, forgive them. Babbu leaves. Nimki says to Ram that Babbu has such big heart, he forgave kids and then there is Abhi.
Sweety says to Mai that Babbu is very angry. Mai says Babbu started living has head. Sweety says we have to distract him. Dublo’s wife says we should make him get married to distract him. Sweety sees Babbu’s burning his posters in porch. Mai asks what is he doing? Dayya says he took all posters off from village and is burning them. Babbu says it feels like all are making fun of me seeing my posters, he angrily leaves. Sweety says this is getting out of control, Dublo’s wife Rekha is right, Babbu can get married and be distracted. Mai says I havent thought about his marriage, she sees burning posters sadly.

Scene 2
Nimki says to Mauha that I am not taking Abhi’s lunchbox anymore. Mono says Ram is taking this food, he is trying to find work. Mauha says Ram’s car is not rented at BDO office anymore, Nimki says he was angry with me and threw Ram’s car out too? she asks Ram to call Abhi but he says dont talk about it, he says I am going to pick a fare at night, I will stay in car at night, Nimki looks on.

Abhi says to manager that you havent decided about cycle race location? manager says everything is going with time. Nimki comes there with knife and says enough, she shows it to Abhi and says tell me if you are going to forgive me or not? she says to Elena that if your father doesnt forgive me then I will kill myself and your papa will go to jail. Abhi says if you want to cut your hand or neck then you can, I dont care. Nimki says to Elena that your father cant be stubborn, either I will be forgiven today or I will kill myself, she puts knife on her neck and stands on couch. Abhi says okay go ahead, Nimki slips and falls down. Abhi says you would have cut your neck mistakenly, Nimki says you would have go to jail then.. Abhi laughs. Nimki says I am sorry, I did mistake, forgive me, Elena nods. Abhi says you have to continue lunchbox service. Elena asks Nimki if she is taking part in cycle race? Nimki says no way, I dont take part in useless things, I cant destroy my face in age of marriage. Abhi says to manager that prize of cycle race is scooty. Nimki hears it and thinks Ramesh’s mother asked for scooty in dowry, if I win race then my dowry will be arranged.

Ram says to family that I lost car service in BDO office. Nimki comes there and says dont worry, I have done friendship with Elena and Abhi, she says to Ram that your car will be in office and lunchbox service is on too. Mauha says how did he agree? Nimki says nobody says no to young and beautiful girl. Nimki says I have also done arrangement for my marriage. Mauha asks who is the guy? Tunee says how dare this Abhi.. Nimki says I didnt arrange for groom but they ask for scooty in dowry so I have arranged, Abhi is starting cycle race for girls and first prize is scooty, I am going to win this race and then I will get scooty then also groom too. Mauha says I want scooty too. Nimki says you dont need it. Mono says we dont even have cycle. Nimki pleadingly looks at Ram and says you know there is only brother and father in girls’ lives, I dont have husband..Tunee says I am here, I mean I have cycle. Mauha says I want that cycle. Nimki says I will use Tunee’s cycle, only I have right on his cycle, he nods and says Mauha let Nimki take part in cycle race. Nimki says I will win scooty and then Mauha you can use it, Mauha says you have to win it.

Tettar comes to Mai and sees all Babbu’s posters burnt, he asks what is all this? Mai says Babbu burnt all these photos, you have forgotten that you have a son, he is sad, his dream was to become head, Tettar says I did a lot for him, Mai says but she didnt become head, Tettar says I cant change government’s decision and what your son did big politician? Mai says he was fighting for you, Tettar says what was the need to fight and threaten? Mai says you dont understand his pain and sadness, she cries. Tettar says what you want do now? Mai says I want him to get married, Tettar is stunned.

PRECAP- Mai asks Dayya what happened to Babbu’s car?
Dayya says to Mai that Babbu’s car hit that Nimki girl from village. Mai says what was the need to go from lower class village? Babbu says its shortcut from there. Mai says is it shortcut or some other matter? Babbu says I have started liking that Nimki girl, I will marry only that girl. Mai is shocked to hear it.
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