Mahek 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update:

Scene 1
Shaurya asks Mahek to sign papers, she starts crying and says I cant do it. Shaurya shows her papers and there is note for her that this is all drama, she understands it. Kanta says what are you doing Shaurya? Mahek says no let it be, if he wants divorce then I will give him divorce, she stealthily shows note to Kanta that this is all drama. Kanta says Mahek if you want to divorce him then I am with you. Mahek says I am giving you divorce but you will beg soon to take you back but you have broken my heart, she signs fake divorce papers and acts like crying. Kanta says Shaurya you can leave my daughter and now she will have more happiness as you are leaving her. Jeevan and Ravi comes there. Jeevan scolds Kanta that I thought you take Mahek as your daughter but you are breaking her house?

I didnt expect this from you Kanta, you are taking her side and breaking her house for this Ajay? Ajay says this Shaurya destroyed Mahek’s life and threw her out of house, he wants to divorce her so you should scold her. Jeevan grabs his collar and says dont you dare come inbetween our matter, he says to Mahek this cheap Ajay did so much with us? he tortured us, brought us on roads and tried to attack you and Shaurya and now you want to be with him? Jeevan says to Shaurya that you begged us for Mahek’s hand and promised to take care of her for life. Digvijay says couples are made in heaven but they work out in this world and sometimes it doesnt work out so they should get separated. Ravi says this might happen in your society but where we live, we live relations for years and for our lives, we dont runaway like cowards, this is what Shaurya is doing, Shaurya if you wanted to leave her then why did you make relation in first place? Shaurya thinks I have to handle this situation. Shaurya says what relation? there was no relation between from start, nothing is there so save so I am leaving her. Jeevan says Shaurya told his decision, Mahek you say it too. Shaurya thinks how to tell you this is all for property papers. Ajay says dont worry Jeevan, I will take care of Mahek, right Mahek? Mahek nods silently. Jeevan gets angry. Jeevan says I have no relation with Kanta and Mahek from now on, you both are dead for me. Mahek and Kanta gets tensed hearing it, Jeevan and Ravi leaves.
Pammi says to Nikki that I cant believe Shaurya and Mahek are divorcing. Nikki says this is their plan. Ajay comes there and says my sweet Mahek is in problem, she is getting divorced so dont you dare say anything to her. Nikki says I will bring her truth out and open your eyes. Mahek and Kanta comes there. Mahek says to Ajay that Kanta is sad so I am taking her for shopping, Ajay says I will go with you both and have ice cream too, Mahek says yes, Ajay, Mahek, and Kanta leaves. Pammi says this Mahek and Kanta will snatch my son from me. Shaurya’s note about fake divorce papers is lying in lounge but nikki doesnt see it.

Mahek and Kanta meets Digvijay and says we made Ajay stay in shopping mall and came here, Mahek says to him that we have to stop this game fast, Mahek says to Kanta that we are close to victory. Kanta says Jeevan never raised voiced on me, he had hatred for me for first time. Digvijay says we just need a little more time and then we will succeed, Kanta says I dont have much time, if you dont find solution soon then my house will be in trouble.

Mahek comes back home from shopping. Ajay brings her to garden, its decorated with balloons. Ajay brings roses for her. Mahek is shocked to see whole garden decorated. Ajay says I know what happened today made you sad but now get ready to be happy for years, he brings out ring and sits on knees. Mahek thinks no no.. Ajay says I want to marry you Mahek and I think you should marry me too. He shows her ring, she thinks how to tell him no? what to do? Ajay thinks if she felt bad? Ajay is still sitting knees waiting for her answer, Mahek gives him fake smile and says I.. actually.. she deliberately falls in pooland screams I cant swim, I dont know how to swim. Ajay throws ring away and jumps in pool, he says Mahek where are you? Mahek jumps on him and says save me, he pulls her closer, she acts like fainted. Ajay brings her out of pool and asks her to wake up. Mahek smirks. Nikki sees all this from far.

Nikki is sitting in lounge and finds Shaurya’s note lying on floor. She reads it, it says ‘Mahek these papers are fake, just keep doing drama and sign them.’ Nikki smirks at finding proof against Mahek.

Shaurya calls Mahek, Mahek says what are you making me do? Shaurya says just trust me, I know you can do this, he tells her plan (which is muted).
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