Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update:

The Episode starts with Vividha saying we have to be with Kailash, he is helpless, you are his wife, you can’t forget this, I know he did very bad with you, we have to behave good with him till he gets fine, shall I trust you that you will help me, please go to his room and sleep, I worry for him, someone has to be with him all the time, atleast for my sake.


Kailash gets up and says I have to go, how to go and free my friends. He takes a water pot. He throws water outside the window. Uma gets tensed and walks in the room. She does not see Kailash. He hides behind the bed. She looks on and recalls his bad behavior. He acts mad. She asks him to listen to her, go and sleep, its late night. He looks at her angrily and scolds her in same way like before. She gets shocked. He twists her hand.

She screams.

She thinks of his tortures. He leaves her and folds hands. He apologizes and starts acting mad again. Ravish thinks of Kangana’s words. He sees her sleeping. He sees the marks on her wrist. He recalls Kangana wearing some watch. Ravish helps her and ties the watch. He sees the marks on her wrist and asks about it. She says its nothing. He asks her to say. She says I used to lose senses in rehab centre, they used to tie me in chains, I got these marks because of Kailash. FB ends. Ravish sees Kangana.


Its morning, Kangana says if Kailash stays here, Vividha will get custody. Lawyer says yes, but they will get benefit by Kailash’s mental state, he has changed the babies. Kangana says he should not be with kids. Lawyer says Kailash is mentally ill now, if they prove he was not fine when he changed babies, Vividha will get sympathy, judge will be told that Kailash has changed babies in mentally bad state, the culprit is in same state, Vividha has big heart and is taking care of him. Ravish says Vividha will become Devi for everyone.


Kangana says there will be something. Ravish says if Kailash is not there…. He sees someone at the door. He goes to see and does not see anyone. He shuts the door. Guddi heard them. Vividha asks Uma will she have tea. Uma thinks of Kailash. Vividha asks is everything fine. Uma tells what Kailash did. She says maybe Atharv and everyone are….. Ravish looks on. Vividha says no, I know you are scared, but he is not same Kailash now, he changed. Uma says no, the way he twisted my hand, whatever he said, I have tolerated him for many years I can’t forget this devilish side.

Vividha says I read about it, its normal to do this, he can do what he used to do before, don’t be scared, he is not acting, he is really ill. Uma says maybe you are saying right, I felt old Kailash is standing infront of me. They hear kids. Kailash plays with kids. Vividha scolds Khushi as Madhav would have got hurt. Kangana asks Vividha to end this drama, why did you get Kailash here. Kailash asks her not to misbehave, else he will chain her, he will bury her alive. Kangana asks Vividha to see, everyone will be scared to come out of room. Kailash scolds her.


He sings Main tera dushman…. and dances. Uma asks him to come to room. Atharv holds his head. Vividha says I will not change my decision, I will get him treated well. Kangana says he can’t get treated here. Vividha says he will be fine. Kangana argues. Vividha takes him to the room. He asks him not to come out of the room. Ravish looks on. Kailash plays. Ravish goes.

Vividha looks for Khushi. She sees the blood on the floor. She goes to see and gets shocked seeing Kailash. Ravish gets shocked seeing blood. She shouts Atharv. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kailash.

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