Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update:

Ranveer asks Sindhoora to leave him alone. Sindhoora asks him to have food. Ravi asks Suman to keep writing his name in the book and completes it before he comes back from bathing. Veer comes and tells Suman that he wants to meet Papa (Ranveer). Suman checks him and says he is having fever. She puts wet cloth on his forehead. Kalavati comes and asks Suman what happened to Veer. Suman says he got fever. Veer says he wants to go to his papa. Kalavati says he will be back. She asks Suman about the mark on her hand. She tells hand might be pressed during sleep. Kalavati says ok and tells that she will ask Shakti to bring medicines and goes. Ravi comes back from bathroom. Veer says he wants to meet Papa. Ravi says I am here. Veer says not you, I am talking about my Papa. Ravi gives an angry look to Suman.
At Ranveer’s house. Manan asks Badi Maa about Ranveer and asks did you send him somewhere. She says no. He says he is not in his room. Ranveer is on terrace and drinking wine while thinking about Suman. He imagines Suman there who asks him not to drink. He sees her gone and calls her name.

Ravi asks Suman to erase all memories of Ranveer and says he can’t see her loving someone else. He says I love you very much and understands that you were helpless, but now there is no helpless. He looks at her mangalsutra and says this is not the one which I made you wear, this mean you are still wearing Ranveer’s name mangalsutra. Suman is tensed. Everyone checks him in the room. Antara asks him to check on terrace. Manan goes. Ranveer cries and says he can’t live without Suman. Ravi pulls the mangalsutra from her neck and smashes it under his foot. Suman is shocked and picks it up after he is gone. He is about to fall down from terrace, but gets saved by Manan and Sahil. Manan says you are drunk and asks from where you got drinks. Sahil says he gave it to him to hide. Ravi comes back and says you will wear mangalsutra of my name only and ties mangalsutra around her neck.

Sahil and Manan take him to room. Bade Papa says we shall go and check. They come to room to check him. Sindhoora comes to him. Manan says he was about to fall down from terrace. Sindhoora gets angry on Suman and blames her.

Kalavati asks Suman to call Sanjana. Suman says they are asked to break relations from us. Kalavati is shocked.
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