Dil Se Dil Tak 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 19 December 2017 Written Update , Written Episode on Telly Updates:

Chutkan calls Teni to inform her about Parth but her phone was silent. Teni was crying in the bus about Parth’s blames.
The police comes to Bhanushali house, as anyone who kidnapped the baby must know them well. Dada ji says they have no doubt on anyone.
On the way, Teni’s bus was also stopped as police was searching for a 1.5 month old baby who had gone missing. Teni prays for the baby as she must be like her Ipshita. She cries thinking she wished to play and love Ipshita, and recalls her past memories with Parth.
Parth had reached the bus. Teni plays a video of her baby. She notices missed calls from Chutkan, then was shocked to see Parth’s car besides her bus. She thinks it’s a day dream but Parth actually enter the bus. Teni was excited to see him. Parth grabs her arm and asks where Ipshita is? He blames Teni to kidnap his daughter. Another passenger in the bus defends Teni but Parth doesn’t listen. Outside the bus, Parth asks Teni where is Ipshita. He blames her for taking Ipshita. Teni recalls the musician must be taking the baby. She asks Parth to go and find the baby. Parth says he is sure Teni must have kidnapped Ipshita. Police arrives there, Parth tells them to arrest her. Police checks Teni’s bag and finds the small bottle that fell from musician’s wallet. It was liquor. Teni asks them to trust her, she can explain. They arrest her.
In the police van, Teni was upset that even Ipshita has fallen a prey to Parth’s hatred. She decides not to fell weak at this time, and find her daughter. She looks towards the constable smiling at her, then compliments he also looks like a hero. She requests him to stop the jeep at a stall and get her water. The constable was happy and instructs the same. The driver stops the jeep in front of a stall and goes to find water for the car. Teni convinces the constable to go bring her a bottle of water; while she attempts to unlock the handcuffs with hairpin. The constable was tensed upon his return.
Parth was furious over the inspector, as his constable has been irresponsible and lost Teni. The inspector assures Parth they will find Teni from anywhere.
Jalpa and Bharat arrive at Bhanushali house. Mohini says Teni have taken counted amount for Ipshita, she must have got greedy and kidnapped her. Indu was sure Teni can’t do this. Parth comes at the door and says Teni did this. He has a proof of this, she was kidnapped with the liquor used to get kids unconscious. And she also ran out of police arrest. If she hadn’t done the kidnapping, why she fled? Indu wasn’t ready to accept, but Parth says he will find Teni this time. Teni comes at the door and says she is here, in front of him.

PRECAP: Teni tells Parth if she had kidnapped Ipshita, she must not have come here. Parth wonders who else could do this, they hear Ipshita’s cry. The kidnapper demands a ransom of 10 crores.

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