Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update:

The Episode starts with Sheena bringing shirt for Bakool. Bakool says why it is needed. I would have go home in kurta. Sheena says you will look hot in vest and white shirt, and will look more hot without it. Bakool says what hot and tells that AC is on. Sheena asks him to remove his vest. He says no. Bakool gets Baa’s call and runs from there. Sheena gets angry.

Baa thinks to do more drama infront of Bakool. Bakool calls her and asks why is she upset? She asks if you have food. Baa says she didn’t have. Bakool asks where is Jigna? Baa tells him that Jigna is waiting for her husband’s love and asks him to go. Bakool says no Baa. Baa threatens to drink poison. Bakool agrees. He goes to room and sees Jigna dancing on the song husn ke lakhon rang, just as Baa taught her. Bakool is shocked as

she opens his shirt button. She takes off his shirt and goes to Baa. She shows her shirt and sings song. She tells that she has managed to take off Bakool’s shirt and laughs. Baa says nothing will happen with this and says how to make you understand. She asks whose shirt is this? Jigna says Vishnu ji. Baa says he has worn black kurta in the morning. Jigna asks if Bakool has another home.


Baa says she will ask Bakool. Bakool comes and complains to Baa about Jigna. Baa asks from where did you get this shirt and asks if you went to someone else house. Bakool asks why I will go. Jigna says my Vishnu ji is not like Malti’s husband. Bakool gets tensed. He tells that he has changed clothes in office. He tells that food fell on my kurta and that’s why I changed the shirt which was in my bag. They open his bag and see ladies clothes. Jigna cries and says he is like Malti’s husband. Bakool asks her to go back to village, and calls her stupid. Bakool says these clothes are not of girls. Jigna asks if you wear these clothes. Bakool says he works in under garments factory and calls her illiterate not to understand him. Baa says I won’t let you be illiterate.


Ranjeet asks Dagdu where is Bakool? Dagdu says he went in the night itself. Ranjeet says ok. Dagdu tells that you got romantic last night. Sheena comes and tells that whenever Bakool comes home, he gets his mum’s call. She says she can’t stay away from him anymore. Ranjeet says I can understand and asks her to become sanskari and village type as Bakool’s mum like such girls.

Sheena comes to the temple. Baa also comes there and asks Sheena what happened? Sheena says she has worn saree for the first time as she won to win her saas. Baa tells that she has a desi bahu, and that her son likes modern girl. Sheena asks her to teach her desi bahu tips and learn modern bahu tips from her. Baa says this will work. Sheena says we will meet tomorrow and thanks her calling her sweet.

Bakool says he didn’t want them to be together, but Sheena and Baa becomes good friends. Baa comes to Shee

na’s house and tells that the room is decorated well. Sheena says not big than your heart. Baa gives her gift. Sheena is happy to see saree and says that is so sweet of you. Baa says we have sweet and our kitchen is also sweet, I mean food dishes. Sheena laughs. Baa says you have a sweet smile, and says you are beautiful and modern too, don’t know why your saas wants to make you homely girl. She says may be she is mad. She says I will make you so much homely that your saas will be surprised to see you. Sheena gets happy. She shows her how to wear saree? Desi girl plays….Sheena walks wearing heels in style. Baa is impressed with her. Sheena says all modern girls like to wear high heels sandal, and high heels means high standard. Baa says I will make my bahu wear high heels. Sheena says when your bahu does cat walk then your son will run around her like her lover. She tells that she got sandals from Paris and asks her to gift it from her side. Baa thinks she will change Jigna fully.

Baa tries to make Jigna walk wearing sandals. Baa asks Bakool if he has gone mad to take Jigna to his boss house as Harry wife. Bakool says we will lose our job. Baa agrees. Sheena asks Jigna, on which side her husband is sitting. Bakool is tensed.

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