3 Shocking Revelation Will Take Place In Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

3 Shocking Revelation Will Take Place In Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein:

The forthcoming chapter of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will unfold shocking truth ahead.
As we have updated earlier that Shagun is Mani’s murderer, in the approaching episode the truth will unfold.
It will be seen that Ruhi Adi everybody celebrates Raksha Bandhan.
in the meantime a flower boo-key comes where Shagun after reading card gets to know that Mani is murdered.
in conclusion Shagun recalls Mani’s murder night and reveals that Shagun herself killed Mani.

Shagun being Mani’s murderer hangs off
additional Shagun says to  Ishita and everyone that when she reached home… she saw Mani molesting and trying to kill Ruhi.
Meanwhile she confronts Mani for what he is doing, Mani in incensed anger fort hiding his truth slapd Shagun and tries to kill her but Shagun gets knife and stabs Mani.
Ahead Shagun says to  Ishita that she killed Mani.
But suspense is still remaining because earlier we have seen that Ishita gets photo in Shagun’s phone in which a man is killing Mani…
And Guy in the Picture is none other than nikhil , soon Post Murder Drama Mani’s Illegimate Child and Second wedding Truth Will Reveal
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  1. The original story writer forget.mani was so excited when he was expecting from shagin his first child..he started caring her showing love etc.riginal track says he was not married to take care f his sister,s daughter aliya.what happened that track.writer,s amneshia.ekta starts we’ll will go ondragging with ilegtimate child illegal wife.four marriages three divoroces two widow remarriage all her specialised script.suddenly end seial start again half baked new serial willstart.ramans loyalman fridagonehislegaladvisor. Removed.his living sister Simi with her divorced husband new lover missing.his only brother with his stupid wife and child gone.romi s absent in fmly but his wife s solving all problems.aliya and adi fight sttled or not.his one night isinpattis house helping everyone.viewers are stupid to see. All non sense.in star vijay they have long stopped this translated serial

  2. Now it s even.3.56 pm.u r showing wrong timefcomments

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